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Fiberglass pools have been gaining in popularity among pool lovers and has become the fastest growing segment of the swimming pool market. The word is out, faster installs, less cost of ownership, and less ongoing maintenance. With custom designs and eye-catching colors, it’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing to go fiberglass over other types of pools.

Advantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Initial Purchase Price

The biggest expense in a fiberglass pool is the initial design and mold building. Once the expensive and long process of building the mold is completed, we as the manufacturer can build pool after pool off the mold much faster and consistent than a concrete or liner pool can be built in place.

For this reason, fiberglass pools are very price competitive with liner pools and likely much less expensive than a custom concrete pool.

Less Maintenance

Besides maintaining your water balance, the surface finish on the pool is the most important factor to the amount of maintenance needed to keep you pool sparkling.

A fiberglass pools gelcoat surface is like the finish on your vehicle, slick and smooth. A concrete pool surface for instance, is rough and very porous compared to a fiberglass pool.

The more porous and rougher the surface is the more things like algae can latch on, stick and grow on it making keeping that surface clear and clean more time consuming.

Concrete pool installers will usually go over with a client that weekly brushing of the entire pool is required to keep the pool in top shape. Also, it takes substantially more chemicals and sometimes acids to treat a concrete pool to ensure it penetrates the rougher surface than a fiberglass pool which saves the owner money year after year. Who wants to spend all their time working on their pool instead of enjoying it?

Fiberglass pool owners spend upward of 70%-80% less in expenses and time keeping their pools ready to swim. The whole reason to get a pool is to relax and with a fiberglass pool we will give you more time to do just that.

Quick Install

Since the Fiberglass pool shell is manufactured ahead of time once it arrives to the home sight it typically takes 2 or 3 days to actually install.

Versus a concrete pool which can take anywhere from 3 months or even up to 6 months. Imagine the mess that is your yard during all those months. We think you can certainly benefit from enjoying your pool rather than spending those warm summer months watching a construction crew.


Fiberglass swimming pools vs a liner pool has no liner inside that could be damaged or punctured which will end your fun of swimming until it can be drained and fully replaced.

Liners are expensive upward of $5 – $6K to replace, not to mention long lead-times to receive and get replaced.

Eye Appeal, Custom Designs and Built in Features

Advancements in the designs, features and look of a fiberglass inground swimming pool have evolved over the past number of years where now they are a work of art.

By incorporating the hottest features such as tanning ledges at the proper depth to allow time lounging in a chair while still breaking the water surface, while also offering a nice area for the little ones to enjoy their time in the water at a shallower depth. Seating and safety ledges around the perimeter as well as built in spas to soak and relax those muscles. All these make a fiberglass pool the best choice when considering the type of pool for your family.

No longer is it just a single depth, single design one color pool offering. With all the unique and modern looking gelcoat colors along with the accessories like tile and lighting your backyard will have a great center piece to show off. This is one big reason more and more customers are choosing fiberglass when adding a pool to their homes.

Compatibility with Salt Systems

Salt systems are proving to be a lower maintenance, high quality choice for more and more customers.

The downside is salt can be a little aggressive when meeting a concrete surfaces and overtime will leave you with high maintenance and costly surface quality issues.

While on a liner pool, many times these pools have metal support panels and when your liner does eventually leak it can cause damage and need entire replacement of the support structure.

For these reasons fiberglass pools with a gelcoat finish have the most resistance surface finish when combining a salt system and gives you all the benefits of the system without the extra hassles like the other pool types.

Resale Value

When a buyer looks at a home with a pool the look of the pool will be the first thing, they either love or hate. Fiberglass will for sure win them over at the first glance.

The second thing is consideration toward ongoing maintenance and costs needed to maintain the pool.

Since it’s well known that vinyl liner pools must have a line replacement once or twice every 10 years that can be a detractor when considering the overall value, the pool adds to the home.

Little less known but still true, concrete pools depending on the system installed and the maintenance of the water quality can require a resurfacing of the entire pool which is timely and costly as well.

Fiberglass is the best choice when needing to explain to the buyer the longevity and low maintenance requirements on your pool.

Disadvantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Initial purchase price can be the same or slightly higher than vinyl liner pools

Depending on the features and surface finish selected fiberglass swimming pools can cost slightly more than liners.

However, considering the cost of ownership over time the fiberglass pool more than makes up for it in no time.

Less customizing when it comes to the size and shape.

While we try to offer multiple designs to fit your needs. Once the design is set there is no changing it. The size, shape and depth are set and cannot change unless selecting another model offered.

If you must have an ultra-deep pool or an extremely custom shape just for you then fiberglass may not be the best route for your specific needs.

Advantages of a Concrete Pool


The surface is extremely durable, and you don’t have to worry about tearing or puncturing like you do with a liner pool.

While it’s strong, it still won’t last as long as a fiberglass surface without needing some repair or resurfacing work to keep it looking original.

Highly Customizable

If you have a specific need and a very high budget, then a concrete pool can be almost whatever you can dream up. Since they build it to fit the owners’ desires, they can size and shape it however you like and can afford.

Disadvantages of a Concrete Pool

Unfortunately, the flexibility concrete allows from a design perspective comes with a price.

With the rough and porous surface, it will

Advantages of a Vinyl Liner Pool

Initial Purchase Price

Liner pools tend to cost the same or slightly less than a fiberglass pool and substantially less than a concrete pool.

Somewhat Customizable

Most of the time a customer seeking a vinyl liner pool is doing so based off the cost savings. So, they usually keep it simple with a simple shape. However, if willing to pay more it is possible to do some custom shapes and depths.

Disadvantages of a Vinyl Liner